Katie Phillips

Creative Director

Katie has been working as a creative resource here in Floyd, Va for over 7 years. She is often seen pecking away on her Mac at Black Water Loft or having a quiet meeting at the Library. She was the lead designer for Entryway Software Development for 3 years and collaborated on large web development projects all over the globe.  She was also the Marketing Director for Dogtown & The Sun Music Hall when it was getting off the ground, and has helped build many other local brands in Floyd Va.  Two years ago she founded Venture Out Creative Agency in hopes to better serve her local community by bringing creative ideas to life.  She works collaboratively with other creative tech folks when projects require a bigger team or solo when that’s all that’s needed. Katie also teaches technology at a local high school, a new passion she has recently discovered – working with teens.

“because great ideas deserve to look great and be seen.”


Independent Contractors

Working with independent contractors is a great way to collaborate on projects that need more hands involved.  Here are few great individuals I have had the pleasure of collaborating with on a project and would highly recommend for your next project.

Kris Bower


Rachel Terrill

Summer Intern

Micheal Kelly

Missy Lee Blake