Mystic Mountain RockShop & Artisan Gallery just opened inside University Mall in Blacksburg, VA.  They have a beautiful gallery space with an abundance of inventory including: rocks, minerals, crystals, artwork, clothing, herbal tinctures, pottery, jewlery and more. As a small business owner, they made the big push to get the place looking good and have their grand opening, but now comes the hard put: letting people know they’re there.

IMG_6380They contacted me, wanting a rack card, to put around town letting people know where they are and what they are selling. I asked if they had a website, and they said they weren’t ready for that. I said, “well you should at least purchase a domain name, so you can put that on the rack card and have at least a holding page for people to go to that has your logo and location of your store.  Then when you are ready you won’t have to reprint your rack cards, and you can update it incrementally as you grow.”

“Well, how much will that cost,” the shrewd business owner asks?

“As I mentioned before, I work by the week and I can do the rack card and splash page in less than 2 weeks,” that must have sounded good, because he immediately responded, “okay, let’s do that”.

Because I work by the week, if there are other priorities that can fit in, while I’m waiting for feedback or just want to work on something else for a bit.  The creative process keeps flowing, the client gets more than they bargain for and everyone is happy.

In two weeks, I gave Mystic Mountain a:

  • Professional Photography of the store and individual items
  • Full Color Logo in vector form so it can scale to a large sign if needed
  • Simple Website, with their logo, some pictures and a map to the store
  • Rack Card with the logo, photos, summary statement, and map
  • Business Cards and Hang Tags

What a deal!