Great Ideas

 Deserve to Be Seen Great!

Fat Bean Farm

Logo, product labels, website and more.

Floyd Rustic

Logo, Website, Rack Card, and more.

Dogtown Roadhouse

Branding. Concept Creation. Marketing.

Floyd Yoga Jam 2015

Poster Graphics, Website Design, Marketing Materials

Buffalo Mountain Kombucha

Web Design. Store Locator. Graphics.


Let’s start out branding by getting to know what’s at the heart of your endeavor. This approach kick-starts the creative process and an identity emerges.

Web Design

These days websites are easy to come by, but there is a difference between knowing how to get one and creating one that works well and gives you a return on your investment.


Once the pieces are in place and you are ready to be seen, you need a good strategy for delivery. Timing and presentation are essential.

Print Work

People are still quite fond of having something to hold: a business card, a poster or an ad on paper is a very effective way of letting folks know what you have to offer.

You may have seen me around town. My name is Katie and I am the founder of Venture Out Creative Agency Llc. (VOCAL). I often work solo and from wherever there is internet. Sometimes I pull in other contractors, like developers, copywriters, and artists if more resources are needed. This lightweight, virtual agency keeps overhead low and carries over that savings to you.

  • Web Designer 95%
  • Graphic Artist 75%
  • Developer 70%
  • Solution Finder 100%

Great ideas deserve to be seen looking great.