Buffalo Mountain Kombucha

Project Description

Buffalo Mountain Kombucha is a small business lean startup here in our small town of Floyd, VA. Scott and Cassie, “created Buffalo Mountain Kombucha out of the desire to use our business as a vehicle for self-actualization”. They have done an amazing job of putting their heart and intention into creating and marketing a wonderful product and are growing fast.

So fast, in fact, they are having trouble keeping up! This is why they turned to Kickstarter.com to help them crowd-fund some capital. The money raised will help them triple their capacity to produce so that they can keep up with the increase in demand. Kickstarter is also a great way for to them to market their product and company, because they require you to create a video that tells the story of your company, the risks and challenges you face and what you plan on doing with the money.

New Website
One of the things Scott and Cassie were planning on doing with the money is buy a new website, but they really felt it would help their campaign as well. So they approached me back in December to get the ball rolling and what a fun project it has been. Not only do I love their product, their label and branding is beautiful. I got to take a great company and make it look great online.

Grassroots Marketing
This guys are an inspirational example of bootstrap entrepreneurship, grass-roots marketing, and what sacred commerce can do to build community and success. Let’s help them grow their business and make it a success in Floyd.



Project Details

Client Buffalo Mountain Kombucha
Date  Feb 2015
Skills Web Design & Development
View buffalomountainkombucha.com


Kickstarter Video

They really wanted to make sure the site had a place on the homepage to make it easy to watch their awesome kickstarted video and their campaign grow.  Let it Grow!



Store Locator

Since they are in over 20 stores, we felt it was important to showcase how much they have grown in the past three years and where to buy their kombucha, of course.

Instead of just listing them out, we added an interactive map that lets you put in your location and see what store is closest. It also allows them to keep a database of stores that they can easily update themselves with no knowledge of code required.



The old site didn’t have a picture of the product on it: this was first and foremost! The beautiful bottle, label and contents make it a huge seller. Plus they use premium ingredients and we really wanted to convey this visually.

Before Pictures of their Old Site…

Check out the New Website