Fat Bean Farm & Food Co.

Project Description

Fat Bean Farm & Food Co. has been an all consuming and extremely enjoyable project this year. With the freedom to go the distance, we have designed everything from jar labels, to food truck wraps. The feel-good vibe of the company lead to some playful designs featuring watercolor veggies, whitewash wood, and cardboard paper.

Project Details

Client Fat Bean Farm Date Aug 2015 Skills Branding, Web Design, Product Labels View fatbeanfarm.com

Product Labels

Designing product labels was a new one for me. There was all kinds of nuances that I had not been exposed to. Having something that wraps around the jar and reads well, picking a label material that feels good and is waterproof, and making something that is eye-catching for the grocery store shelves.

Building a Brand

Using color, imagery, texture, typography and messaging to build a brand that last and conveys the why behind the product is the key to successful and honest marketing.

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