Troika Contemporary Crafts

Project Description

Troika’s old website was not very easy to manage, they could only do it from one person’s computer and some of the content had gone out of date. This gave them the nudge they needed to invest in a new site.  Plus, they really wanted some images that captured the gallery and its ever changing form.

Project Details

Client Susan Icove, Silvie Granatelli, & Gibby Waitzkin
Date July 2014
Skills Photography, Web Design


We spent an afternoon shooting the gallery – the goal to capture some of the elements behind the art that help it stand out, like the name tags, the lighting, the signage and the location.

Artists & Mediums

Troika features over 27 artist in their store, and they wanted to make sure they were all featured online as well. We categorized the artists by the medium they work with and gave them each their own page and gallery of work to view.

See for yourself....