Ever feel that little tickle in the back of your mind, hinting towards something you know you need to do? Then you walk down the street and see a sign that reminds you of it again. Then speaking with a friend they tell you a story that triggers it and makes you look at them funny. ‘No, no, no’ you think, ‘I couldn’t possibly!..or could I?” That night you drift off to sleep and have clear dream of yourself doing that exact thing and what is so striking is the immense joy and fulfillment you have while doing it. You wake up eyes wide open and say out loud to ‘no one’, “Okay already! I’ll do it!”

What keeps us from doing the things we know are ours to do? Expressing our innate gifts and strengths that come naturally shouldn’t be so hard. Is it because that is not what we got our degree in? Because it would mean letting go of something or someone we have invested time, money, and energy into? Or maybe the biggest thing that stands in our way of venturing out into the unknown on the basis of a calling is the fear that we will be exposed in the most vulnerable way – by showing our most precious gift.

On the other side of the narrowing ravine is the looming possibility that life will pass us by without living up to our full potential, without doing what we know we need to do. This brutal reality is pushing us to the edge of the precipice, where there is only one clear, terrifying choice: to leap.