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The new brand we designed launched last fall. WinterSun ordered new hang tags to be printed, sent out the new lines sheets to all their stores and put the logo on there website, but it wasn’t quite complete. The old website, needed a whole new look to reflect the feeling of the new brand. They wanted something clean and fresh that highlighted the unique hand made process that goes into their garments partnered with all the bells and whistles of modern online shopping.

There old site was informative, you could see the clothes, and download line sheets to order from, but it didn’t make it easy to order online so the majority of orders where still being faxed in (yes faxed!).  They wanted a site that would allow them to sell their garments to new customers at full retail prices and directly to their retail stores at wholesale prices. So that’s what we did.

The new site is built on the super fast Shopify platform, that gives them a full featured eCommerce store and we added custom modules that allowed them to have custom pricing that only their wholesalers would see and a retail admin, where stores can view the line sheets they are used to using, preview the upcoming fashions and place their entire order right on the website.

They are super happy about how the new site turn out. This is what the owner had to say, “A few months ago hear I thought I could do this myself. I had no idea what all goes into launching a eCommerce store. You all have done an excellent job!”

Old site:

WinterSun Old Site

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